Power of love

Am writing this becous I belive in the power of real love.first of all I write whatever first come in my mind. There will be mistakes,clarity problems,words may be used wrong, but I want to write in my own terms, I like to write whatever feels about everything. I want to be something new but real. Also I bileave that nothing is true in this world nothing is perfect. It’s all someone’s openings someone’s beleaves passed through us. So you should be real unpareller to the world. A misslead man could lead this world somewhere new, something we never seen.

Dear loved friends In this writing I love to share about love thats the only thing i own myself to give you. I can share it to you through this lines.when you do something from the heart the audience will also feel it by heart. Love is wounderfull😊love is the only thing permanent in this world. Love is heavanly.love is the medicine to the wound of heart. When you are inspired by love will start to look at soul of others instead of eyes, you can have the immense power of human communication and you will get away from all worries.love is limitless its the invisible aura connects humanity.

Masterpiece. 📸

“Make your life a masterpiece you only get a canvas”. Human creativity is endless its potentials is still unknown. Every one has the ability to creat his or her best work. When you give your best shot the all creatve energy within you will drained you feel exhausted for a while. Am searching for my own master piece. Creativity is that a human being can feel fulfilled by doing his best nothing else can give that much fulfillment.before father,mother, and businessman,all we are human beings. Everyone has its own individuality. When your love mixed with your source energy you could create wounderfull arts which is unique. An artist be like a pregnant women,who is thriving to deliver its best piece to the world, until it’s come out he sulffer somuch pain.


All I heard your glorious footsteps

You are the holly singer of Allah

When I close my eyes silky gowns –

Of you moving slowly through the-

Windowpain it’s was just a shadow

I heard your melancolic poetry far

I can see you in everywhere even

You are unseen to eys seen to heart

I found everywhere a child’s smile

In a Beautifull morning flower

, drop of rain hanging under grass

Wherere the nature flourish its

Ultimate beauty so I found you sufi,,,

Day after tomorow

There is nothing constant is this world.everyhting is connected with each other. You can’t balme some one for ur prblems so even they can’t balme you own their too. Nothing happening for one actions everything is constantly moving by action on actions. Everything comes from inside you. Many time I thoungt if I would act in other way I would hav been in somewhere else. That’s true only you can do is to make sure your discition are aqurate. That’s why focused people’s are always wins. These days are boring nothing to do certainly just siting home and hoping best of the future. Now a days lots of dreams are filled in the mind, I think social media changed seeing the world an many ways. Before we had no phones we olny hear radios and spend more time with families and our own small things. But now everyone sees the world and life In some others visions by the influence of medias. Mind also wandering somewhere. It seems like nowadays waiting for tomorows to come. Forgot to live in the present even there is no present,,.


Let’s start then😊hy, this is a small experience of my life a Beautifull piece of memmory absorbed from my past. When it’s small it ll be unforgettable I don’t bileave in big, simple is matters always. If u can see beauti in simple things around you your life become meaningfull you will never felt empty.

It was two years ago when I was working in a furniture shop there we used to sell used furniture. Actually I was ther for searching my job in logistics. I thought I should cross my comfort zone and do the filmy type hard work I had ever imagined. In the morning I used to hav a t from small near the shop I was at time ther becous lots of girls go to school at that time. I used to wach them😁.ya that was my entertainment some of them were intrstes in me too,, really!!,. The boss was Alwys out of the shop I hav been going somewhere for something. There was a guitar in the shop its one ore two strings were broken I like it very much becous I still cherish those days with that guitar it was little part of me. Some people’s used to ask me about guitar to buy but I never wanted it sold. In the evening when schools girals come Back I paly the guitar the way I knw it but it was not and. Days were warm like that one day a boy come to my shop and asked about guitar he seems like interested in music also. A normal school boy who had sandal paste on his forehead. He was an innocent boy. We made friends ther we talked about families girls friends etc.he also showed me his flute from his school bag. It ws his own made Beautifull flute. He said he gives it to whoever he likes he don’t ask money for it. That was his pleasure to give his own work to someone and earn happynes from it. I told him to give it to me.he offers me another one for next day.days passed,, I forgot about the flute and him.one day I was decided to go back to my native place. I prepared my bags and bid bye to everyone collected my payment and reached railway station. I was sitting in bench waiting for the train, this time someone call me from behind I looked Back that was the flute boy. I was completly forgot him and his flute I was surprised looking at him. He was breathing fastly wet on his shirts.i stood up and smiled to him, he opened his bag and took a Beautifull new made flute he give to me. I surprised how he kept his words.. How risk he take to give that to me. He told me that he went to shop but the owner said I just go to railway station just now. He was running to see me. I had nothing to give him back just smiled. He walk away along side the railway track. I stand still looking at him…. Some peoples are like that,.

Music is everywhere if u can hear it


These days are soo boring. More than bore am really frustrated. The head is full of confusion about future.what to do,when to start, when this epidemic period will end. When the opertunities will come up.. Lots of prblms make soo much frustrated. I real bored.. I dnt hav anything to in this earth. Just looking at the phon. Mom scolds me go somewhere do smtg.. But what. I just hav t do smtg to move time other wise it’s hard to pass the time just somewhere. When I am at home I read books but it also get bored,, nowhere is to go police ll make problem.. Just killing time.. I dnt like wasting time,, I did whatever I wnt t do to get the job but.. What to say.. Ntg happening to me. Smtg on earth is like that it nvr changes only its outlook looks changed.. Then we say ntg is prement in this world. It’s funny,, that I am feeling like that right now.


My mind Is always wandering.. Like I want to be somewhere always.i like to b e loast in wild without any burdens of relation… Ego.. Desires. Am not representing this writing to explore human minds.. Or spiritual journeys.whatever I write I believe it and I wanted to write it that’s all.i don’t think about usual writing methods, best writings in the WordPress,, or what foolishness I write. It’s just like fulfilling my wanderlust in a something great way. Like meditating in my own way. I can’t be in one plce all the time I feel irritated when it so.. So now iam very frustrated probably it’s lockdown time. I start my day by taking my phone and see whatsapp messages then put the phone down there to download a movie to kill my time. The time between 10 to 1 is killing. Uff. I can’t explain it. Just simply sit in a chair like hen cock to lay down for egg. I took my book ENMAKAGE am reading it 2nd time so very tough to read. I washed my bike it’s the liked thing for me. I love my bike. I care it like a friend.. He s shining now😊. We are planning for a trip soon… 💕💕